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Mission Summary

Our church has gone through different phases, starting in a living room, working to establish a core team, then moving to weekend rental locations, receiving Central American mission teams, and doing neighborhood outreach, then moving to a leased location, strategically placed in a crowded, antique, downtown neighborhood (Barrio Mexico), with lots of problems where we can get involved.

We thank God for the leadership team in our church, comprised of professional and passionate men and women, singles, young and families that work, contribute and pray for our city. San Jose has more than 2.2 million people, almost half of the country’s population. The Distrito Merced where we are located has almost 120,000 people in a 3 miles radius. Problems range from prostitution, homelessness, old school buildings, faculty who are the least motivated, slums, home alone children, migrant workers who find this place as the best place to start, broken families, and in its midst, successful families, business families, and lots of interest by the local municipality to engage us to better the community.

As of today, these are the ministries we provide to the community:

  • Celebrate – A contemporary worship and relevant teaching service
  • Youth – A fun filled program for teenagers
  • {Y-Pro} – A relational, sport filled and outgoing program for Young Professionals
  • Worship Band – For us is an outreach, lots of different people attend practice
  • Single Women – A Bible Study program for single mothers
  • Women to Women – A vibrant and colorful Bible Study group for women all ages
  • Men – A Bible Study accompanied with great food and a soccer game
  • Kidz – A Playful program that runs parallel to church service
  • Community Outreach, a series of projects where we work together with the local school and High Schools, as well as other organizations that seek to solve problems, using U.S. Mission teams as the manpower source. House repairs, classroom repairs, Pinata parties, and specific problem resolution as needs arise.


Monday through Friday we offer different programs that we call CDI or Center for Holistic Development, where we work with the local Police Force, Fire Department, Schools, Health Care Unit, Community Leaders, Business Owners and other non-profits in the area. Our main focus is to provide educational solutions for people who need it in order to bootstrap their lives.

We offer:

  • GED High School Equivalency Diploma classes so people can take the Costa Rica BPM tests and graduate. We offer it to both Police officers and civilians. In partnership with the CR Ministry of Education.
  • Food Handling Certificate for people who need to get a job in the restaurant, hotel, supermarket or food processing factories. In partnership with the CR State University.
  • Quilting classes, a startup project for women who need to earn extra funds at home to make ends meet without living their home. It has attracted also prostitutes who are learning a different trade in life. Their description is that in this place they feel clean and accepted.
  • Dance Classes for children. Art is a way to portray hope to kids who otherwise don’t have access to anything to make their lives different.
  • Music Classes, to be launched in September, for kids and youth. In partnership with a local non profit that use music in slums to establish Philarmonic Orchestras. A wonderful idea that is rescuing children from abuse, poverty, drugs and gangs.
  • Conversational English Classes, a program to be run in-house led by a GCM American missionary who will move to San Jose. The idea is to hold classes for three different ages, kids, youth, adults, and to provide them with skills that will help them find better jobs or education opportunities.


Much more happens but overall these activities engage our full time staff of six, and the church volunteering team of 50, and local leaders who work shoulder to shoulder with us.


Where we need help

  1. Mission Teams who would love to come and work for a week with us. Teams can work in the following areas:
    1. Construction teams to help improve aging homes of families in great need or distress, usually single mothers, widows, or where a family member is totally disabled and needs home improvements for a better life.
    2. Working at the CDI, painting, repairing, creating needed furniture
    3. Working at the CDI at Vacation Bible Clubs, we attract children of the area, specially slum residents.
    4. Serving at a local school in areas of sport activities, or teaching English following the curriculum or books the children are already using, help them improve pronunciation, or grammar with the English you already know, no training necessary.
    5. Ave-Angels (as in Avengers) a team that comes to work in previously identified needs for kids. Where one kid is found sleeping on the floor, another who may be succeeding in school but has no desk to work on, another who may need a ramp for his wheelchair, and many other needs. We are surveying the needs continuously, and we would provide the Ave-Angels team with a list of needs and the cost, so that you raise the funds to provide for those needs. Perhaps together with the gift comes an outing for the kids helped to a fast food restaurant (they never go there so is a plus).
    6. Sports Camp, we have access to all types of facilities for sports, we can develop a sports clinic for soccer, basketball, tennis, ping-pong or any other common sport.


All of the above programs include evangelistic conversations, spiritual engaging, our church is already involved with the people you will minister and we will follow up after your team leaves.


  1. Partnership, we seek partners in the U.S. to support us with prayer and finances. Our program is expensive, our church provides more than 50% of the funds needed for such an active program, we are seeking to raise about $3,500 a month to keep going. You can make a one time donation and keep us alive for another month. God always provides.


  1. Leadership Training. Does your church have an specific success proven leadership program for professionals who are succeeding at work and family but need more skills while serving at church, please, please, please, get that trainer and that material to us. Our leadership team speaks English as a second language.


  1. Advocacy, we need volunteers, US mission teams, sponsorships, would you consider to become our advocate and we provide with plenty of materials, videos, interviews, visits to speak so that we are able to improve and create more community outreach services.




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